WebCams provided live pictures from a boat on Lake Erie.  When the boat was out you saw the lake and weather conditions live and live fishing action.  We were the first out-on-the-water boat webcam on the Great Lakes.  A new WebCams system is being developed and we hope to find a boat for the 2015 season.

Toledo Harbor Light #2 from NOAA.  Located out in the Maumee Bay shipping channel.  Image updates every hour.


Route 2 Sandusky Bay Bridge from ODOT.  Camera  usually looks North over Sandusky Bay just before the bridge, but sometimes they switch cameras.  Updates every 8 seconds.

April 17 update:  We are developing the next generation(s) of the BoatCam / MobileCam systems.  New technologies are available with some really exciting features.  We have purchased some of the equipment, built one new system, and are currently testing it.  We hope to have at least one new webcam up by late April.  Until then you will probably see test photos in the WebCams image as we field test new systems at various locations.    Below are live photos from the WebCams when it was previously deployed on a Lake Erie charter boat.



WebCams is the first live Webcam from a fishing boat out on the water in the Great Lakes. There is only one other boat webcam like this we know of (in Florida) so WebCams is likely the second live boat webcam in the country!  Picture uploads will vary depending on boat location, weather, and other factors; at times the picture may not change for a few minutes or longer (watch the date/time stamp), or you may see half pictures.  If the boat is not out you will see a picture uploaded the last time the boat was out.  The left and right pictures are two other live Lake Erie web cameras. 

If you have a Lake view location and an interest in providing a web cam feed, contact us.

We have a separate mobile webcam site, www.livemobilewebcam.com, where we put webcam feeds from various events and locations where we provide our mobile webcams.  If you would like to have a mobile webcam at your event contact Dave at westbasin @ cs.com (spaces inserted in the e-mail address here to avoid Internet phishing programs).  Please put 'mobile webcam' in the subject line so I know the e-mail isn't spam.

WebCams images are copyright, no unauthorized use or transmission is permitted without the express consent of ilakeerie.com.