Welcome to the Webcams Page.  These webcams show Lake conditions from various locations in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, west to east.  CharterCam is our own specialized webcam which provides live pictures from Hawg'n Fishing Charters during the open water fishing season.  When the boat is out, usually from 6am until about 2pm, you will see the lake and weather conditions live and live fishing action.  PanCam slowly pans across the Lake throughout the day to show different lake views from the Port Clinton shoreline.  During the winter it is stationary.  The other webcams are government, commercial, or private webcams. 

Buoy cameras have been removed for the winter.  We are looking for another camera to show until next spring. 

Port Clinton Mainland / Islands WebCam

The WebCam uploads every 5 seconds.  It faces northeast from the Port Clinton shoreline.  Catawba Point is on the right, South Bass Island in the center, Green Island on the left.  The islands are only visible on clear days.

NOAA Toledo Harbor Light #2.  Located out in the Maumee Bay shipping channel.  View looks down the structure at the water below.  Image updates on the hour.

NOAA Toledo Harbor Light #2.  Located out in the Maumee Bay shipping channel.  View looks South South-East.  Image updates on the hour. 

CharterCam Live Charter Boat Webcam

CharterCam is done for the season.  It may return for ice fishing season if we have stable ice coverage, otherwise it will return in the spring.  Our MobileCam system images may be shown here during field testing.

ODOT Route 2 Sandusky Bay Bridge.  Camera usually looks South along the roadway across Sandusky Bay but sometimes they switch cameras.  Should upload every 5 seconds.  

Occasionally a camera will quit working, so if the image hasn't changed in awhile it is probably down.

Below are some photos from the CharterCam while it was out walleye and perch fishing in 2015. 


CharterCam is the first live Webcam from a fishing boat out on the water in the Great Lakes. There is only one other boat webcam like this we know of (in Florida, scuba diving operation) so CharterCam is likely the second live boat webcam in the country!  Picture uploads will vary depending on boat location, weather, and other factors; at times the picture may not change for a few minutes or longer, or you may see half pictures or a blank.  This is normal.   

We are preparing a separate mobile webcam site, www.livemobilewebcam.com, where we will put webcam feeds from various events and locations where we will provide our mobile webcams.  If you would like to have a mobile webcam at your event or on your boat contact Dave at westbasin @ cs.com (spaces inserted in the e-mail address here to avoid automated website data collection programs).  Please put 'mobile webcam' in the subject line so I know the e-mail isn't spam.

CharterCam and Port Clinton Cam images are copyright, no unauthorized use or transmission is permitted without the express consent of ilakeerie.com.